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  Hello to our friends & family.

This picture was take on a bridge in Quebec over a beautiful waterfall. Scott was playing in the World Cup for oldtimers :-) It was a great trip.

Welcome to the site of Scott and Shauna

This site has been built to keep us in touch with our family and friends, most of which are so very far away. We will use it to deliver our yearly newsletters, share our photo albums, keep track of what is happening in both Scott and Shauna's lives and if you let us, share what is happening with all our friends.

To make this task a bit easier on me, I am using our blog to make quick updates. We also have a picture gallery that we will use to upload new photos. This is the easiest way for us to keep you up to date.

You can get to both the blog and the gallery from links at the top of this page. The gallery also links from the blog so you do not have to come back here to see the pictures.

If you do not have our new contact information and would like to get a hold of us, just email either Scott or myself here are our addresses scott at schullo dot com or shauna at schullo dot com. They are in this format so that the are not easily pulled from the site, but you should know what to do to make them work.

Please stay in touch! - Scott and Shauna